Madhya Pradesh Crop Ruined Due To Rain Farmers Of Sagar Went To Other Districts In Search Of Wages ANN

Madhya Pradesh News: Due to the rains in Madhya Pradesh, life had been disturbed, rivers and dams had overflowed. There was heavy damage due to floods in many places. Meanwhile, farmers in many districts are now worried about their crops as their crops have rotted or got damaged due to rain. We are talking about Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh. Where till now the farmers had locked their houses, shops and valuables, but after heavy rains in many places in the district, the farmers have locked their fields and in search of wages to earn their living. I have gone out.

crop is bad
This time more or less rain has directly affected agriculture. Somewhere people could not sow in waiting for good rains, and due to excessive rain, sowing could not be done due to wetness of the field. Due to this, 93 thousand hectares have been sown less in this Kharif season than last time. Last year it was sown in 5.58 lakh hectares whereas this time only 4.65 lakh hectares have been sown. Due to erratic rains, the situation at present is that the crops which were sown by the farmers have been destroyed by road and have dried up and got spoiled.

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what the farmers said
The farmers told that we are very worried because we spent lakhs of rupees in farming. Crop was sown but due to rain we are completely ruined. We cannot even run the expenses of the house, so we have now started looking for wages by putting locks in our fields in the opposite situation. At the same time, some farmers are now waiting by planting some other crop when it rains and when their fields will be harvested. The situation is that the farmers have left the cattle to eat the poorly sown crop in the fields.

what advice was given
In this case, no initiative has been taken by the administration to conduct survey of farmers etc. The farmers have informed the administration about the failure of their crops. In this case, Deputy Director BL Malviya says that the crop of farmers has been damaged by about 5 percent due to excessive rain. He advised the farmers to plant another crop which would make up for their loss as there are many such crops which mature early. After this, he can also plant wheat crop in the coming time.

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