I didn’t actually want the job: England coach Brendon McCullum reveals after successful summer

The England Test team’s head coach, Brendon McCullum revealed that he did not want to take the job when it was first offered to him. McCullum, was coaching Indian Premier League side Kolkata Knight Riders ahead of his current gig, said that he has been rejoicing his new role, despite not wanting it initially.

“Well, I didn’t actually want the [England] job! But now I’ve got it, I’m loving it! Absolutely I am, and it’s certainly different to what I’ve ever done before,” the legendary New Zealander said after the commencement of England vs South Africa’s third Test match.

“I’m loving the opportunity to work with some of the best players in the world. I always looked at English cricket and thought there was an immense amount of talent. I didn’t quite realise how much talent there is and how good these guys are and the way they think about the game,” he further added.

Under the mentorship of McCullum and the leadership of Ben Stokes, England have not dropped a single Test series in the English summer. The team has played an aggressive brand of cricket under Stokes, something that now has coloquially been termed as Bazball.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to work alongside them, and I’ve particularly enjoyed working alongside the skipper [Stokes], He’s a rare human being and an incredible person,” the former batter said.

“He’s a great thinker of the game, his messaging has been excellent as well. I thought he’d be good, I didn’t realize he’d be this good. A natural leader. It’s a wonderful fit for him,” he further added.

Speaking about his aim as the England coach, McCullum said that he want to bring excitement back to Test cricket to make the format relevant in the modern world.

“We almost wanted to take results out of play – I know we’re judged by them – but almost take them out of play and play the style of cricket that is authentic to [Ben] Stokesy’s leadership and the guys that are in the side, and I felt we executed that nicely,” he told Sky Sports.

“We’re well aware you’re going to be judged by results, but for us it was a little bit bigger than that,” he began about his philosophy.

“When you get an opportunity such as this, and the responsibility of being in these positions of leadership, you look at where Test cricket is around the world and how important it is to all of those who have played the game beforehand, and the relevance of it in international cricket,” McCullum talked about his ideas.

“For us, it was a matter of trying to bring a bit of enjoyment back, try and bring the fans in to make sure they’re enjoying Test cricket, and hopefully provide a bit more relevance to a game which has probably been under a little bit of pressure of late. That was the big goal and it will continue to be so moving forward,” the England head coach concluded.

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