Chhattisgarh Kanker District Kolar Village Children Crossing Overflowing River For School ANN

Kanker School Children Crossing River: This year’s record-breaking rain in the districts of Bastar division has exposed the claims of development. The claims of spending crores of rupees by the state governments in the construction of roads, bridges and culverts are proving to be hollow. Such pictures are coming out from different districts of Bastar division in which the lives of school children are being played with openly. Recently in Salemeta village of Bastar district, a video surfaced of children crossing a overflowing drain to reach school. Now a similar picture has emerged in Kolar village of Kanker district, in which children are risking their lives and reaching school by crossing the river till their waist. It is a compulsion to cross the river by putting children’s lives at risk because school is not built in their village, because of this, children reach school only after crossing this river during the rainy season.

Accident happened many times while crossing the river

Children of Kolar village of Kanker district are forced to study by risking their lives. Apart from this, children of three big villages Salhebhat, Dangra and Phulpar reach school risking their lives during the rainy season. Due to being a Naxal affected area, all the villages of this area have been on the path of development, the families of these school children have many times put their problems in front of the public representatives to the officials. However, till date their demand has not been fulfilled, so children are forced to go to school every day risking their lives. Even after 75 years of independence, the villagers living in these areas have lived on the path of development. There is neither a bridge nor any paved road in the river, so the villagers come from one village to another, crossing the river on foot and on foot.

The same situation has been created in many areas of the district.

This view is not only of one place, in many areas of Kanker district, children reach school by crossing the overflowing river like this. A school is also built on the other side of the Sarandi river in Sarandi Panchayat of Antagarh block. To go to this school, children cross the Sarandi river and go daily. Across the Sarandi river there is also a village panchayat Edanar, where children also attend the same school. The villagers and the teachers here are demanding to build a school on this side of the river so that the children of Edanar Panchayat and Sarandi do not have to come to school by crossing the river risking their lives. With this, school children from both sides should not have to risk their lives to go to school. However, despite the demand for many years, till now no solution has been found for this problem.

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