Saharanpur Grandparent Killed In Greed Of Money Accused Arrested By Police ANN

Murder Case in Saharanpur: The relationship has been murdered in Saharanpur. In the greed of money, the grandson put his grandfather to death. The incident happened at around 5 am on Monday morning in Sadholi village of Nakud Kotwali. The police has arrested the accused grandson. The elderly farmer Piruva’s son Hardwari slept at home on Sunday night. Around 6 o’clock in the morning, the daughter-in-law, who went to feed the animals at home, was found dead on the farmer’s cot. There was a rope mark on the neck of the deceased. The daughter-in-law informed the family about the incident.

Relationship killed in greed of money

Paras, the second grandson of the deceased, gave a complaint in Kotwali. He alleged that cousin Sonu son Chandrapal was addicted to drugs and often used to demand money from grandfather. There was also a fight between the two during the night for refusing to give the money. The neighbors pacified the matter after explaining to both of them. Taking the opportunity early in the morning, Sonu killed his grandfather by strangling him with a rope. Police say that the accused has been arrested and further action is being taken in the matter.

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Grandson strangled his grandfather to death

SP Dehat Suraj Rai told in a press conference that the dead body of the elderly was found in Sadholi village of police station Nakud area. The old man was murdered by strangulation with a rope. Upon investigation of the case, the murder case came to light. The deceased had sold six bighas of land a few days back. About 20 lakh rupees were received on the sale of the land. The money was kept for the granddaughter’s wedding. Grandson Sonu had an eye on the deposited money. Many times Sonu had also demanded money from Dada. The old man had refused to give the money. Refusing to give money to the elderly was costly. Sonu killed his grandfather by strangling him with a rope while intoxicated on Sunday night.

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