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Shamli News: When a black man runs, a crowd of thousands runs behind in the market at that time and gets killed, runs away in fear, people call him ‘Kaal’. A day before Ramlila in Kairana, a procession is taken out. Not only the Hindu but the Muslim community is also playing full responsibility in keeping the age-old tradition alive. Thinking of it as Prasad, people kill since time immemorial and give money for wearing black clothes. Kaal procession is setting an example of harmony, brotherhood and love of Hindu Muslim community.

The example of communal harmony of Kairana is worth seeing in the whole country.

In the Mahabharata period, the place where Karna had rested for the night while going for the battle of Panipat, its name had gone to the city of Karna, which has now been changed to Kairana. If you want to see the tradition going on for years, then come to Kairana sometime. In the city of Karna, located just 12 km from the headquarters of Shamli district, people of both the sects are showing a unique example. The example of communal harmony of Kairana is worth seeing in the whole country. According to Hindu tradition, Shri Ramlila Mahotsav has started in every city but the tradition of the procession to be taken out in the middle of it is no longer to be seen anywhere. Kairana is the only city in the country where this tradition continues even today.

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Muslims also involved in keeping alive the old tradition of procession

The special thing is that Muslims actively participate in the procession of Kaal and take out the procession. Not only this, as far as it happens, they also provide cooperation. Ramlila Manch is organized in Kairana for many years. Kaal is made by painting a person in black color. A wooden sword is also made in his hands. When adornment is done on it, then the person goes to the temple of Kali Mata and after worshiping Kali Mata leaves in Kaal Nagar, keeps running and also kills people with wooden swords. The person who has clean clothes, grabs him and sticks him and also makes his black clothes. People consider this practice to be God’s offering. People give money even after getting black clothes done.

Some people believe that during the Ramayana period, Ravana, the king of Lanka, had taken Kaal captive on the strength of power because Ravana was proud when this Kaal is his captive, then no one can spoil anything. On the basis of the same tradition, Kaal is taken out at the beginning of Ramlila, which is later taken captive by Ravana and when Lord Shri Ram climbs Lanka and fights with Ravana, then Kaal is also freed for the destruction of Ravana. went. Shamli’s Kairana is a 95 percent Muslim majority area. A unique Ramlila is going on in Kairana for almost 91 years. The main Indian’s Ramlila used to happen earlier. In this, people of the Muslim community actively participated in Ramlila!

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