Sonbhadra Shocking Revelation In Reality Check Of School ANN

Sonbhadra News: A dilapidated school building in Sonbhadra is waiting for an accident like this. The matter is of Government Girls High School Paika of Chopan development block. The school building was found in a dilapidated condition in the realty check. Seats, windows, doors and tables were seen broken by the children. There is no arrangement for keeping copy books for children. Students are forced to sit and study under the dilapidated building. 9th and 10th studies are conducted in Government Girls High School, Paika. Girls are the biggest problem in a school with 104 students.

dilapidated school building

The girl students have to go out because the school toilet is locked. The key to the toilet is kept with the principal of the school. By combining both the classes, somehow 50 children come to the school to study. Only two teachers were found teaching in the realty check. Neither the principal nor the DIOS is worried about the deteriorating condition of the school. It has not been long since the school building was built. The building built in 2013 reached a dilapidated condition very soon. Students are forced to study in dilapidated buildings.

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Realty Check Revealed

The school management is waiting for the accident to happen. A minor boy was found ringing the school bell in the realty check. The peon was also not found present in the school. Getting a minor to work in the temple of education shows the negligence of the principal. District Magistrate Chandra Vijay Singh was apprised about the dilapidated building of the school and the problem of the children studying.

He assured that soon the building would be repaired. A list of dilapidated schools in the district is being prepared. Officials are checking from place to place. District Magistrate Chandra Vijay Singh assured that soon the condition and direction of all the schools will improve.

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