Mahoba Madarsa Survey Started Records Including Details Of Income And Expenditure Were Also Checked

Mahoba Madarsa Survey: Under the survey campaign of madrassas being conducted by the government, today a survey of madrassas operated in Charkhari town of Mahoba has been done. The team, led by SDM Charkhari Shweta Pandey, interacted with the children studying in madrasas. Records including details of income and expenditure have also been checked. The Madrasa Survey team also examined the quality of education of the children studying in Madrasas.

In fact, the Uttar Pradesh government is conducting a survey by talking about connecting madrassas with the main stream. So that the madrasas operating according to the rules made by the government can be identified and action should be taken in those madrasas which are running against the rules. With this intention, the work of survey of madrasas in Mahoba is also gaining momentum.

After unrecognized madrasas, now the Yogi government will search the record of Waqf, 33 years old government order canceled

12 point survey

Today in the town of Charkhari block, the Madrasa survey team has done the survey work. Under the leadership of SDM Sweta Pandey, BSA Dr.Ajay Kumar Mishra, District Social Welfare Officer Savita, three madrassas operated in Charkhari Nagar, Madarsatul Madina Darul Hifz e Kirat, Madrasa Mohammadia Arabiya and Madrasa Al Jamiatul Rahmat, conducted a survey on 12 points set by the government. Gone.

Abdul Ghaffar, the manager of Madrasa Mohammadia Arabiya, said that one hour’s dini training is given in the morning without any charge. The children of madrassa are registered in other government and private schools. Whereas residential facility is available in Madrasatul Madina Darul Hifz e Kirat Madrasa.

Sadar Riyaz Khan of the madarsa said that along with 28 children in the madrasa, according to the education policy, studies of all subjects including Hindi, mathematics, science are given to the students. Whereas the educational qualification of Principal and other teachers is Hafiz. When asked about the source of income of the madrasas, it was told that the madrasas are run from the donation amount. After the survey done by the team, the survey report will be submitted to the District Magistrate, who will later reach the government.

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