MP Commotion In Jabalpur Municipal Corporation Meeting, Opposition Allegation On Officials ANN | MP News: Violent uproar in Jabalpur Municipal Corporation meeting, party

The first conference of the city government in the Municipal Corporation Jabalpur was uproar. In the first sitting of the House, both the pros and cons took the class of officers. However, this meeting of the House was not convened under Section 30, in which all the councilors, including the mayor, alleged that the officers were working in an autocratic manner. This has happened for the first time in the history of Jabalpur Municipal Corporation, when the city authority has started with a special meeting called under Section 30. During this, there was a lot of accusations and counter-allegations in the house between the city government of Congress and the opposition councilors of BJP and there was a lot of uproar in the meeting.

During the meeting, it was told on behalf of the opposition that it has been 2 months since the city government was formed, but despite that, development works are not visible in the city. Along with this, the councilors of Congress and BJP vented their anger on the municipal officials in unison. In the meeting, the councilors said that the officials of the municipal corporation have turned on the arbitrariness. They do not listen to any public representatives and are not even picking up the phones of the councillors. In such a situation, the public is upset and the officer is not ready to solve any public problem.

BJP’s senior councilor Kamlesh Aggarwal says that in such a situation it is very important to check the arbitrariness of the municipal officials. The opposition also says that if the ruling party does not work on the issues raised by the councilors of BJP, then there will be agitation in the coming days.

On this issue raised by the councilors, Mayor Jagat Bahadur Singh Annu says that there was definitely no city government in Jabalpur Municipal Corporation in the last 3 years. It was in the hands of the administrator and members of both the councilors and the opposition are of the opinion that it should be improved. Therefore, this issue will be resolved soon after talking to the officials.

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