The story of the Chelpark ink that not only hands but also colored the careers of many

 45-year-old Suchita says that in our time, Chelpark ink was a matter of pride for children. At that time it was very expensive. We used to buy Chelpark ink with our pocket money and take it to school. At that time it was a big deal to write about it.  In the 90’s school going children hardly got their hands painted with blue ink…

‘ I remember my friends and I used to study together in childhood. Sometimes we used to fight amongst ourselves and throw ink at each other and turn our faces blue. What was after this, everyone would work together to get rid of that color with soap. Whose face would remain in color, used to make fun of him a lot in the next school. This is to say of 50 years old Anuj. He currently works in a corporate company. Telling the story of Chelpark Ink, it seemed as if he had gone back to his childhood days. 

By the 90s, ink got a big market. And among them all, Chelapark was the biggest brand. In today’s era, the bottle of Chelpark may have disappeared. But at one time it was found in every house. The story of the same Chelpark ink that not only gave color to the careers of many, not only hands.

When the Parker company approached the Chellaram family for partnership in India, they agreed and the story of Chellpark started from there. The partnership between Parker and Chellaram led to the launch of Chellpark Inks in 1943, with its office in Bangalore (now Bangalore).

Soon this fountain pen became the choice of people going from office to school going children. Now everyone was using it. The biggest hand in making Chellpark ink so popular is attributed to the quality of the Chelpark ink and the nib of the pen. Chellpark ink did not spread after writing which was considered good for premium ink pens as well. 

Cheelpark ink used to come in a glass vial, which was closed with a lid. Chelapark focused on on-ground advertising while not investing heavily in TV or print advertising to promote its brand.

Pen changing appearance with time

With the discussion of pen, this question definitely comes in mind that with what first man must have started writing. Actually, first of all people used to carve on stones and metals and convey their message to each other. After this, the first correct pen for handwriting was invented in Egypt, first i.e. 4200 years ago the pen was made from bamboo. The tip of that pen was made of bamboo. At that time, the corner of the bamboo was written by dipping it in ink. 

The fountain pen was made by a person named Petrache Poenaru. In the beginning it was very difficult to write this. While writing, sometimes the ink gets too much and sometimes not at all. After this, Lewis Edson came up with such a fountain pen, whose ink did not flow and the pen did not stop.

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