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Waqf Board News: Amanatullah Khan, MLA of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi, is in the custody of Anti Corruption Bureau these days. He is accused of alleged irregularities and corruption in the Waqf Board. Not only this, ACB has summoned five more people in this case. In the past, Amanatullah Khan was questioned by ACB for several hours. It is alleged that the AAP MLA had recruited 32 people in violation of the recommendations and rules.

Amanatullah is also accused of letting out the properties of Waqf in keeping with the rules. The ACB has said in its FIR that Amanatullah Khan misused the Waqf funds and also did not properly use the financial help received from the Delhi government. On the other hand, CM in Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath The government has asked to start the process of re-examination of Waqf properties by canceling the 33-year-old mandate.

Let us tell you what is Waqf and Waqf Board? Along with this, we will tell you who is the chairman of Waqf Board and what are the properties of Waqf.

What is ‘Waqf’?

The word Waqf is derived from the Arabic word Wakufa.

Waqf in Islam is the property which is donated in the name of Allah. Once the property is a waqf, it cannot be taken back by the owner.

This donation can be of money or property. In Islam, any kind of donation made by a person to the religion is called Waqf.

Apart from this, if any property is being used for the purpose of religion for a long time, then it can also be considered as Waqf.

What is Waqf Board?

When a Muslim donates his property, then the responsibility of looking after him is with the Waqf Board.

The Waqf Board has the right to take possession of any donated property or to give it to someone else. Those who look after the work of Waqf are called Mutawali.

The Waqf Board has the right to take possession of the donated property. It is forbidden to transfer, sell, give as a gift or lease out the Waqf property to anyone. This can happen only if two-thirds of the board members approve it.

Waqf Board across the country

There is a Central Waqf Council and 32 State Boards in the country.

The Union Minister for Minority Welfare is the ex-officio chairman of the Central Waqf Council.

At present, Smriti Irani is the chairperson of the Central Waqf Council.

Every state has different Waqf Boards. At present, there are Waqf Boards in 32 states of the country.

Waqf Board Chairman

The Waqf Board consists of a Chairman, one or two nominees from the State Government, Muslim MLAs and MPs, Muslim members of the State Bar Council and knowledgeable in Islam.

waqf board property

Waqf Board has the highest land after Indian Army and Railways.

That is, the Waqf Board is the third largest land owner in the country.

According to the Waqf Management System of India, all the Waqf Boards in the country have a total of 8 lakh 54 thousand 509 properties which are spread over more than 8 lakh acres of land.

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