Waqf Board Graft Case Amanatullah Khan To Be In Anti Corruption Branch Custody Ann

Amanatullah Khan Case: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Amanatullah Khan was again produced in Rouse Avenue Court by the ACB on Wednesday after the end of his 4-day remand. Where the ACB demanded an extension of the 10-day ACB custody of Amanatullah Khan. After hearing the arguments of both the sides, the court extended the remand of Amanatullah for 5 days.

The ACB told the court that we have to inquire about the property they have built in Uttarakhand. The ACB told the court that some money has also been sent out of the country from here. ACB said that crores of rupees were sent to a person named Zeeshan Haider in Dubai.

What were the arguments of ACB in the court?
The ACB said that some money has been given to a political party, with the same money its posters and pamphlets were made. Kejriwal said that he has proof of how a school near him was converted into a shop and money was made from it. The ACB told the court about Laddan Siddiq’s diary and said that Laddan has been arrested. After which ACB sought 10-day police custody of Amanatullah.

What did Amanatullah’s lawyer say?
Expressing displeasure over all these allegations, Amanatullah’s lawyer Rahul Mehra opposed the extension of ACB remand. Mehra said that in the diary which was found from Laddan, was there any transaction between Laddan and Amanatullah? He said that the ACB is talking about sending money out, but has it been able to present any evidence in this case so far? He does not have any transaction related to this news.

On this allegation of ACB, Amanatullah Khan’s lawyer expressed his displeasure and said that the police is taking the name of Dubai but what does it mean. Amanatullah Khan’s lawyer said that the money transaction that is being talked about has any link with the Waqf Board? Amanatullah’s lawyer alleged that words like international link, fund manager are being used to take custody. Mehra told the court that nowadays people use code words.

‘Amanatullah’s health is not well’
Rahul showed the court the medical report of Apollo Hospital of Amanatullah Khan for the month of April and said that in April Amanatullah did not know that he would be arrested. He said that Amanatullah was advised to stay away from stress, his health is not good. He said that the nature of any Waqf property has not been changed but only refurbished and it has benefited the Waqf only. Therefore, Amanatullah should not be given the custody of ACB, instead he should be sent to judicial custody.

When will Amanatullah appear in court
Amanatullah Khan’s lawyer further told the court that he was sent to custody for 4 days, but if the ACB did not get anything in four days, then nothing would be available in the next 40 days. After hearing the arguments of both the sides, the court extended the Amanatullah Khan ACB remand for 5 days. Now he will be produced once again in the court on 26 September.

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