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Chhattisgarh News: Once again a case of negligence has come to the fore in the Medical College Hospital located in Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh. Here, due to the negligence of the staff nurse and blood bank staff of SNCU, a 9-day-old newborn was given the wrong blood group. The condition of the child has worsened instead of improving due to the transfusion of blood of the second group. The whole body of the newborn has turned black. There has been a stir in the hospital administration after the case of transfusion of wrong blood group came to the fore. The family has expressed displeasure, accusing the hospital staff of gross negligence. When Medical College Hospital Superintendent Dr Lakhan Singh came to know about this matter, immediately constituted a three-member team and asked to submit the report of the matter in three days. Also, if found guilty, action has been taken against the employees.

newborn’s body turns black
In fact, Anju Tirkey, husband Abhishek Tirkey, a resident of village Bheski under Rajpur police station area of ​​Balrampur district, was admitted by the family to the maternal child hospital of Ambikapur Medical College Hospital after suffering labor pain. Here the woman gave birth to a normal child on the morning of 12 September. Half an hour after the birth, the child was admitted to the SNCU after having difficulty in breathing and was put on oxygen. After this, on September 19, the SNCU staff nurse called the child’s father, Abhishek Tirkey, and said that the child needed blood. The staff took out the blood sample of the child and gave it to the child’s father for blood arrangement after conducting a group test. The child’s father went to the blood bank and got the sample tested. After examining him, he told that the child’s blood group is O positive.

Staff Nurse Negligence
After this the father of the child arranged O positive blood and gave 25 ml of blood to the staff nurse of SNCU for transfusion. O positive blood was given to the child by the staff nurse. After this, instead of improving the condition of the child, it started deteriorating. Seeing this, the staff nurse was asked to donate more blood. When the child needed a second blood transfusion, the family again reached the blood bank to collect blood as per the prior records. There was no record in the name of the child’s mother and father. The family got suspicious when the child was given O positive blood and it was registered with someone else’s name and address. After this, the family again got the child’s blood group done in the private hospital and for the second time in the blood bank itself, then it came to know that the child’s blood group is B positive.

family expressed displeasure
The newborn’s father Abhishek Tirkey has accused the hospital staff of negligence. It says that the child’s condition has worsened due to the wrong blood group being given to the child. At the same time, the child’s body has also turned black. Medical College Hospital superintendent Dr Lakhan Singh told that a child was admitted. He needed blood. As soon as it came to my knowledge, I talked to the head of the department. Also talked to the head of the blood bank department and in-charge. Both put forward their stand that they have sent the sample on their behalf. It was told from the blood bank that the sample that came was available with them. He further told that B positive has come in the sample which has been found later. An inquiry committee has been formed for the level in which the sample error has happened and action will be taken according to whatever facts will come out in the investigation.

great deal averted
In this regard, Health Minister TS Singhdev said that this matter has come to his knowledge. There were two children with similar names and instead of B positive, O positive blood was found for some reason. Inquiry orders have been given. Committee has been formed. Accountability will be fixed, appropriate action will be taken. A lot of caution is needed so that this does not happen in the future. In this case there is not that much damage from O positive but if there was another blood group then there could be more problems. An accident was averted, there is no loss, but there was negligence, it should never happen in future.

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