Auraiya Bank Workers In Connivance Disappeared From 6 Lakh Account Police Investigated Ann

Auraiya Police News: The SOG team of Auraiya district made such a disclosure that you will be surprised as well as smart after hearing it. Actually, the youth who went to the land in Bundelkhand Expressway got compensation but the amount was found missing from his account. When the investigation started, the matter came to light that with the help of employees working in the Central Bank and other people working in the bank, about 6 lakh rupees were cleared from the account of a young man. To withdraw money, in the name of opening an account, bank correspondents go from village to village and scan their fingers with the help of a scanner.

After which, after removing the details of any other bank of that account holder, if there is money in the account and there is no ATM of that account, then these people slowly clean the money by making ATM with the help of bank employees. The police arrested two people including the bank employee.

The accused was identified from the CCTV footage

Suresh Chandra, a resident of Vikrampur village of Achhalda police station area of ​​Auraiya district, gave an application to the police. It was written in it that there was about 6 lakh rupees in his account but when he saw the account, only 1400 rupees were lying in it. While he did not do any transaction. Taking the matter seriously, the police registered the case and started investigation into the matter. After which the SP formed a team including the SOG and the SOG interrogated the account holder and gathered evidence regarding the transaction from the bank.

Whenever money was withdrawn through ATM, CCTV footage of that was collected. Then a lot came out in the investigation of SOG. SOG in-charge Prabhat Singh, with the help of CCTV footage, made the victim identify the youths seen in CCTV. Awadhesh, an employee of the bank turned out to be identified, after which the police arrested Sintu and interrogated Shakti, then the whole truth came to the fore.

The accused made these shocking revelations

SP Charu Nigam told in the disclosure that the master mind of the incident, arrested by the police team, Kallu alias Awadhesh Kumar was interrogated. He told that he runs a sub-branch of Central Bank in his own village Dilippur and opens accounts of people by going from village to village with scanners. At the same time, he already had an account of Suresh Chandra. When there was more money in the account, the account was transferred by him to the central bank Achhalda. He said that seeing more money in the account, he got greedy for which he along with his partner Sintu planned to withdraw money from the account.

He arranged for a fake SIM card and an old mobile by his partner Sintu. The accused told that then they lured the bank employee for money and applied for ATM card by registering the same fake SIM number in his account by making fake signature of Suresh Chandra. The accused obtained the ATM from the bank, giving that ATM to his partner Sintu alias Bhugarb Singh and withdrawing all the money from different ATMs of the district within a few days. The accused told that they divided this money among themselves. The accused said that the money that we have got is left with us.

Those people have spent the rest of the money in their personal work. One and a half lakh rupees and a bank scanner as well as a printer were found from both the accused. Action will be taken against other bank employees involved in this matter who supported these people in this work.

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