Balrampur Elephants Broke Sarpanch House Killed 3 Cattle Prepared Hanka Dal Chhattisgarh Ann

Chhattisgarh Elephant Terror: In Balrampur district of Chhattisgarh, the terror of elephants is not taking its name to stop. Elephants are continuously causing harm by entering the residential area. Last night on Wednesday, September 21, elephants not only broke the house of the village sarpanch but also killed three cattle. Villagers are very frightened by the terror of elephants and are forced to wake up at night. At the same time, the team of the Forest Department is busy in convincing the villagers.

The sarpanch broke the neck and killed two cattle

A group of 25 elephants is roaming in the Rajpur forest area. This group of elephants has created a ruckus in more than half a dozen villages. Last night, a group of elephants broke the house of the sarpanch of village panchayat Kaudu and devoured the grains kept in the house. Apart from this, elephants also killed three cattle. The villagers are forced to wake up at night due to the fear of elephants.

According to forest department officials, there are 10 cubs in a group of 25 elephants. Apart from this, two male toothless elephants have also joined them, which are constantly creating ruckus. Officials said that a compensation case was prepared for the crops and houses damaged by the elephants. Along with this, a hanka team was also prepared to drive the elephants to another place.

hanka squad prepared

Deputy Ranger of Rajpur Forest Range Rampratap Rahi told that the number of elephants is 25. This team came to the Rajpur forest area on 3rd September and two pieces of Dantail elephant have come and camped since 11th September. Crops are being damaged by them. Today, on Thursday, 22 September, elephants broke the house and killed three cattle. For this a team of doctors was sent and post-mortem will be done.

After the post-mortem, the compensation amount will be given to the cattle owner immediately after preparing the case. The Deputy Ranger further told that a team was prepared to avoid the elephant. They are keeping an eye on the movement of the elephant. All the employees are ready and engaged in monitoring the elephant.

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