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MP Lumpy Virus News: Lumpy virus, which became a time for cows across the country, entered Madhya Pradesh after wreaking havoc in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Both the states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh share the border with Madhya Pradesh. This is the reason why the lumpi virus entered Madhya Pradesh as well. Apart from the urban area of ​​Bhind district, cows infected with Lumpi virus started getting infected in many villages of Bhind, Gohad, Mehgaon and Lahar. Across the district, 35 cows were identified with the infected disease. The district administration has set up isolation centers for infected cows in Bhind’s Shri Krishna Gaushala, Mehgaon, Gohad and Lahar. Along with this, vaccination campaign was started to protect the cows from infection.

Administration will spread awareness

Doctors say that it is very important for animal owners to be aware of this disease. The district administration will get pamphlets and banners printed and pasted in each development block to protect against lumpy virus. The disease can be controlled by giving antibiotics to cows suffering from lumpi virus. Dr. Raghuveer Singh, Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Department of Bhind says that the animal suffering from lumpi virus will first leave the fodder, its temperature rises. Lumps will be visible on the body. Eyes will start watering.

Symptoms start showing in three to four days in the cows suffering from the disease. Doctors believe that if the farmer has many animals and one animal has been infected with the lumpi virus, then if the immune systems of other animals are strong, then the virus will not reach them or it will not have any effect.

Doctors advised spraying pesticide

Doctors told that to prevent disease, pesticide should be sprayed around the animal. Mosquitoes and flies play a major role in spreading the virus from one infected animal to another. It is necessary to prevent this. Phenyl, DDT should be sprayed around the infected animal. This disease is not spread from animal to human. Due to this, the person is completely safe. Consuming milk of a cow suffering from lumpi virus is also not harmful.

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