BJP Spent 344 Crore Rupees And Congress Spent 194 Crore Rupees In Five States Assembly Elections In 2022

BJP And Congress Election Expense: The BJP spent more than Rs 344.27 crore in the assembly elections held in five states this year – Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Manipur and Uttarakhand. At the same time, Rs 218.26 crore was spent by the party in these states last time. This information has been received from the report submitted by the BJP to the Election Commission. We also give you information about the amount spent by Congress. Congress spent Rs 194.80 crore in these five states in 2022 and in 2017 the party spent Rs 108.14 crore.

BJP spent Rs 221.32 crore in UP

The data shows that out of the BJP’s total amount in five states, the maximum amount of Rs 221.32 crore was spent in UP, where the party returned to power with a low majority. The party’s election expenditure in UP during the 2022 elections was 26 per cent higher than the 2017 figure of Rs 175.10 crore.

Rs 36.70 crore spent in Punjab

On the other hand, talking about Punjab, BJP spent Rs 7.43 crore in the 2017 assembly elections and in the year 2022 this amount increased 5 times. In 2022, the party spent Rs 36.70 crore here. However, BJP still won only 2 seats in Punjab. In 2017, BJP won 1 seat in Punjab.

How much was the election expenditure in Goa, Manipur and Uttarakhand

In Goa, the party spent Rs 19.07 crore in elections this year, more than four times the Rs 4.37 crore it spent in 2017. In Manipur, the party spent Rs 23.52 crore in 2022 and Rs 43.67 crore in the 2022 assembly elections in Uttarakhand. The BJP returned to power in Goa, Manipur and Uttarakhand.

A major chunk of the party’s total election expenditure in the five states was spent on leaders’ travel, public meetings, processions and campaigns. The party also spent about Rs 12 crore on virtual campaigns in the assembly elections of five states.

It is necessary to keep an account of election expenses

State-wise details of Congress party’s election expenditure are not available. Congress has reported spending Rs 15.67 crore on “virtual campaigns through social media platforms/apps and other means”. Let us tell you that the political parties contesting Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections are required to keep an account of all the money collected in the form of cash, check or draft or in kind from the date of announcement of election till the date of end of election. They will also have to submit the details of their election expenses to the Election Commission within 75 days of the assembly elections and 90 days after the Lok Sabha elections.

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