Chhattisgarh BJP And Congress Face On Jairam Dubey Arrest In Liquor Smuggling Case ANN | Chhattisgarh: Politics of Chhattisgarh heated up on Jairam Dubey’s arrest in liquor smuggling, BJP

BJP leader Jairam Dubey has become the center of Chhattisgarh politics. Rajnandgaon Police has arrested Jairam Dubey in the Liquor Smuggling Case. The effect of Jairam’s arrest was seen in the capital Raipur. On Thursday, the Congress held a press conference and demanded the expulsion of Jairam Dubey from the BJP. In response, BJP also defended Jairam by holding a press conference and accused the Congress of implicating him in the charge of smuggling liquor.

On the night of 21 September, the police stopped the vehicle of Jairam Dubey coming from Maharashtra border to Rajnandgaon. On checking, 13 liters of liquor was recovered from the vehicle. Police seized the vehicle and liquor and arrested Jairam Dubey under the Excise Act.

Jairam Dubey at the center of Chhattisgarh’s politics

After the arrest, now Congress and BJP are face to face. State spokesperson Kedar Gupta demanded the release of Jairam Dubey in Raipur district BJP office on Thursday. Kedar Gupta accused the Congress of conspiring. BJP says that Jairam Dubey was exposing the government under the Right to Information Act (RTI). Due to the layers of corruption going on in all the departments, the government is running the stick of repression. False cases are being registered against BJP leaders, workers. Kedar Gupta said that the government has panicked due to the activism of BJP leader Jairam Dubey.

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BJP leader arrested for smuggling liquor

That’s why a fake case of illegal transportation of liquor has been registered. Jairam has exposed the huge corruption going on in all the departments including the Excise Department. He has filed more than 200 RTI applications. Congress communication department chief Sushil Anand Shukla, holding a press conference in Raipur, demanded the expulsion of Jairam Dubey from the BJP, saying that CCTV cameras have been installed on the border. There is a recording of the car in the CCTV footage. Video recording was done at the time of seizure of the accused’s vehicle. Jairam Dubey was doing the work of smuggling liquor by writing Jai Siyaram in the car.

BJP accuses Congress of implicating

BJP RTI cell was also written on the vehicle. Shukla further told that at the time of recovery of liquor, Jairam Dubey threatened himself to be a BJP leader. He said that I have access to Raman Singh, Rajesh Munat, Ajay Chandrakar. Threatened the police ‘I will see the hostility taking place’. Drug eradication campaign is being run in Rajnandgaon district these days. Police is continuously checking in the district under the campaign. On the night of 21 September, Chichola police caught Jairam Dubey smuggling liquor while on patrol. Police have registered a case of Excise Act against Dubey.

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