Chhattisgarh Congress MLA Dr Vinay Jaiswal Viral Video Controversy ANN

The politics of Chhattisgarh is hot after a threatening video of Congress MLA Dr Vinay Jaiswal went viral on social media. The case is of Manendragarh-Chirmiri-Bharatpur district. In the video, Manendragarh MLA Dr Vinay Jaiswal is heard threatening to hang the SECL employee upside down on the phone. The matter of threatening the employee is now gaining momentum. BJP State President Arun Sao and Leader of Opposition in Chirmiri Municipal Corporation have verbally attacked the Congress MLA. Yesterday, during the public relations campaign in Chirmiri Municipal Corporation, Manendragarh MLA Dr Vinay Jaiswal stayed with his wife in ward number 31.

Seeing the dirty drain, the angry MLA threatened

The MLA suddenly got angry after seeing the dirty drain. He got down from the car and called and threatened to hang the SECL employee and the cleaning contractor upside down. Arun Saw, who reached Bastar today, said that the Congress leaders are nervous. That’s why they are doing frivolous acts by giving utter statements. Leader of Opposition of Municipal Corporation Chirmiri, Santosh Singh said that there was a visit of regional MLA Dr. Vinay Jaiswal. He has threatened the employee in the matter of cleanliness. His wife Kanchan Jaiswal is the mayor.

Dr Vinay Jaiswal came under target of opposition

Under his area, more than 150 sanitation workers are working in the Chirmiri area of ​​the Municipal Corporation. The MLA should also see the filth in his area. The drain is ringing and there is a pile of dirt. Santosh Singh said that SECL is a central government undertaking. That’s why they are putting pressure on its employees. Subordinate employees of the State Government and Municipal Corporation, Safai Karamcharis are engaged under him. The MLA should also get that area cleaned.

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