CM Yogi Adityanath Will Visit Ayodhya On 28 September The Birthday Of Lata Mangeshkar UP News ANN

UP News: With the entry into Ayodhya, Ram devotees will hear the veena and hymns of late Lata Mangeshkar, the Bharat Ratna music queen. The veena which has been installed at the Lata Mangeshkar memorial crossroads has two peacocks along with Mata Lakshmi and Saraswati. Made by 70 artists in a month, the height of this veena is about 12 meters i.e. 40 feet, while the width is 10 feet. Veena weighs 14 tonnes. This memory will be a special gift and dedication of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on the birthday of Swar Kokila to be celebrated on 28 September.

Ayodhya has reached in three days
The new ghat intersection of the main entrance of Ayodhya has been declared as Lata Mangeshkar intersection. The construction work of which is almost complete. Veena made from Delhi has also been installed on Wednesday. Here there will be such a combination of light and sound that from here the hymn of Shri Ram sung by Swara Nightingale and the melodious sound of Veena will continue to be heard by the people. Its design has been prepared by Ram Sutar Fine Art Limited Company and it took three days to reach Ayodhya from Noida.

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CM will come to Ayodhya on September 28
CM on Lata Mangeshkar’s birthday, to be built from about 8 crores Yogi Adityanath Will be a special gift. If sources are to be believed, Chief Minister Yogi himself can inaugurate it. For this, the CM will reach Ayodhya on September 28. A global design competition was held for this Smriti Chowk. Through which the design was selected and its presentation was done. Now the construction work is in the final stages. From here people will be heard along with the hymns sung by Lata Mangeshkar, who has been honored with Bharat Ratna and the voice of Ramdhun Veena. It will also be a big attraction for the devotees coming to Ayodhya.

70 people together made veena in a month
Anil Ram Sutar, who made Veena, told that there was a big challenge. The vida is made of complete cast. Looking at the process of casting, we have worked day and night on it. After which it is ready in a month. 70 people were working on it. From molding to casting, it is a very long process. Still, we have prepared it day and night. It is 40 feet long. Its weight is 14 tons.

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