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Congress Presidential Election: Amidst the ongoing discussion regarding the election of the Congress President, Rahul Gandhi said that he is in favor of the principle of ‘one person, one post’. In a press conference on the fifteenth day of the Bharat Jodi Yatra passing through Kerala, he said in response to a question that what was decided in Udaipur is the promise of the Congress, hopefully the promise will be fulfilled.

Rahul Gandhi’s reply is believed to be a message to Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot, as he had said in Delhi that a person can be a chief minister or a minister along with the Congress president. There is every possibility of Ashok Gehlot becoming the next Congress President, in such a situation, speculations are being made whether he will leave the post of CM? On the other hand, Congress leader Sachin Pilot is eyeing the CM’s chair in Rajasthan, but Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is not ready in his name. Sachin Pilot met Rahul Gandhi in Kerala on Wednesday. The development became interesting because CM Ashok Gehlot has reached Kerala to meet Rahul Gandhi after meeting interim president Sonia Gandhi in Delhi.

Who will become the CM of Rajasthan?
In such a situation, the question of the CM of Rajasthan is more complicated than the question of the party president for the Congress high command i.e. the Gandhi family. It is believed that by advocating ‘one person, one post’, Rahul Gandhi has given a clear message to Ashok Gehlot. Rahul Gandhi is not ready to return to the post of Congress President, but is still avoiding to announce it officially. He suggested to the candidates for the post of Congress President that this is not just an organization post but an ideological post. Whoever becomes the Congress President should keep in mind that he will represent an ideology and vision of India.

Will Rahul Gandhi become Congress President?
On the question of ABP News that it is clear that if you are not becoming the Congress President, then what will be the answer to the workers? On this Rahul Gandhi said that we are a family. I have a direct association with Congress workers. Whatever they ask, I tell directly, I do not need media for this. Why don’t you question BJP, Left and other parties about the post of president?

In our party, even a worker can contest elections. He further said that the bigger thing than the 2024 Lok Sabha elections is how the country is being divided and broken. To get the country out of the RSS-BJP occupation, it is necessary that the opposition party unites and talks and moves forward with a strategy.

What will happen after India Jodo Yatra?
Taking a jibe at the question of becoming a face in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections after the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi said that if I talk to five people here, you will say that I talked for 2024. Even if I eat ice cream with someone, you will connect it with 2024. At the same time, while describing the India Jodo Yatra as a success, he said that the journey in Kerala has been very successful. People are coming forward by rising above political ideology. It is quite encouraging.

Rahul Gandhi further said that the purpose of this visit is a united India where there is no fighting and hatred as most people want. Apart from this, there is the issue of unemployment and skyrocketing inflation. These things are interconnected. There is hatred being spread by BJP-RSS. The people of the country are understanding this. It does not matter which states we are not going to, the impact of the journey will be across the country. People are in a lot of pain.

Congress weakened in Goa?
On the breakdown in Congress in Goa, Rahul Gandhi said that we are fighting a machine that has taken over the institutions of this country. Those who have a lot of money. Also there is an unlimited ability to pressure, intimidate and buy people. Bharat Jodo Yatra is to tell people that they need to unite. People have to go back to India where there was love and affection.

On being targeted by CPM, Rahul Gandhi said that I understand the political compulsion of the Left leaders but they also know by heart that I am raising the right issue. On the raids on the PFI offices and the arrest of its leaders, he said that all types of communalism and violence are the same which should be fought.

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