Defense News LCA Mark 2 Indigenous Fighter Jet Equipped With Advanced Radar System And Weapons

LCA Mk2 Fighter Aircraft: India is continuously strengthening its military capability to defeat the enemies on every front. From missiles, warships, modern equipment to modern fighter jets, development continues continuously. India will soon fly high in the skies of powerful and light fighter aircraft. Work in this direction is expected to start soon after the approval of the project for the development of LCA Mark-2 fighter aircraft.

Last month i.e. in September itself, the Security Cabinet Committee had approved the development of the LCA Mark-2 aircraft. After this, the way has been cleared for the designers working in the military field to develop an advanced engine fighter aircraft.

LCA Mark 2 will increase the country’s military strength

The development of the LCA Mark 2 fighter aircraft will greatly increase the military strength of the country. The development of the new aircraft is to be completed by 2027. Aeronautical Development Agency chief Girish Deodhare was quoted by ANI as saying that the project will benefit from the progress made in the LCA Mark-1A program and help in the development of the fifth generation advanced medium fighter aircraft project.

Aircraft will be equipped with better radar system and weapons

DRDO feels that the aircraft will be in the Rafale class of aircraft in terms of avionics and capabilities, but will be lighter in weight. One or two crew members will be able to sit in the LCA Mark 2 fighter jet. The biggest strength of this fighter jet will be its speed. It will fly at a maximum speed of 2385 kmph. This light combat aircraft will be equipped with better radar system and weapons. It will replace the Mirage 2000, Jaguar and MiG-29 fighter jets in the Indian Air Force.

What will be the specialty of LCA Mark-2?

• The maximum speed of LCA Mark-2 will be 2385 kmph.

• Fighter jets will have one or two crew members

• LCA Mark-2 will be capable of carrying weapons weighing up to 6500 kg.

• Total range of LCA Mark-2 will be 2500 km

• This fighter jet will be capable of flying up to a maximum altitude of 56,758 feet.

• There will be 13 hard points, in which different types of weapons can be used

• Anti-radiation missile Rudram is planned to be installed in LCA Mark-2

• Bombs can also be planted in LCA Mark-2 (LCA Mk2)

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