Delhi Gurugram Expressway Waterlogging After Heavy Rainfall

Delhi Gurugram Expressway Waterlogging: After heavy rains in Gurugram, there was waterlogging in many places in the city. Along with this, water got flooded on the Delhi-Gurugram Expressway and people are facing a lot of trouble due to this waterlogging. Traffic was also severely affected due to water logging on the Delhi-Gurugram Expressway. People’s knees have been filled with water on the expressway and they are not able to even walk. Apart from this, there is so much water in many places in the city that even vehicles were submerged.

Due to heavy rains, water entered the vehicles on the roads. Apart from this, people are pushing their vehicles and pushing them forward. At the same time, the vehicles which were standing at many places were completely submerged in the water. Bike riders are facing a lot of trouble. Due to the rain in Delhi-Gurugram, some roads in the city were waterlogged. In view of this, the traffic police also issued an alert in some parts. In Gurugram, people had to face a lot of trouble due to waterlogging caused by heavy rains in the evening.

The Meteorological Department had warned of heavy rain for many areas including Delhi Gurugram. Along with this, the Delhi Traffic Police issued an advisory asking people to check the route and weather before stepping out. The Safdarjung Observatory has recorded only 52.9 mm of rain in September against the normal 104.8 mm so far. Earlier in August, the capital had recorded 41.6 mm of rain. Along with this, the IMD had issued an orange alert about rain. According to the report of the Meteorological Department regarding Delhi-NCR, there may be rain in some parts of Delhi in the next two to three days.

Delhi Rain: Rain in Delhi stopped the speed of the wheels, people were troubled by water logging and jams.

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