Gorakhpur Rohin Water Level Is Flowing Above The Danger Mark After Ghaghra UP News ANN

UP News: Rivers have come in full spate in Gorakhpur, UP. After Ghaghra, Rohin is also flowing above the danger mark. At the same time, Rapti has also reached near the danger level. In the southern rural area of ​​Gorakhpur, 27 villages are completely and partially affected by the floods. Flood outposts have been alerted as 27 villages are affected. At the same time, teams have been deployed to provide relief.

Alert issued to flood posts
27 villages have been completely and partially affected by floods due to the havoc of Saryu river (Ghaghra) in Gola at the southern end of Gorakhpur. Along with alerting the flood posts, relief and rescue measures are also being taken. Along with SDRF, there is full alert in the district administration and disaster management department. Boat arrangements have also been made in the affected village. Due to this people should not face any problem in traffic.

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Rapti river is flowing below the danger mark
ADM Finance and Officer-in-Charge of Gorakhpur Rajesh Kumar Singh and District Disaster Specialist Gautam Gupta told that 27 villages are affected in the flood in the southern end of the city. Such a situation has arisen due to the increasing water in the Ghaghra river. However, the Rapti river is flowing below the danger level. Rohin is around the danger level. All flood posts have been alerted. In 4 to 5 days, if the water of Ghaghra is less, then the water level will go down. After this the water will come down from the affected villages. He told that the team is also touring along with the boat. The water level is also increasing due to rain on the mountains and release of water through Nepal. But now its effect will start decreasing gradually.

Ghaghra is flowing above the danger mark
In Gorakhpur, the Rapti river is flowing at 74.490 below the danger mark 74.98 at Burdghat, 0.49 RL meters. Rapti is on the rise. The Ghaghra river is flowing 0.38 rl meters above the danger mark 92.73 on Ayodhya bridge at 93.110. Here the ghagra is stable. Ghaghra is flowing 0.78 RL meters above the danger mark 64.01 at Turtipar at 64.790. Here the Ghaghra is on the climb. In Gorakhpur, the Rohin river is flowing at 82.490, 0.05 RL meters above the danger mark 82.44 at Trimuhani Ghat. At the same time, Kuano is flowing at 76.640 below the danger mark 78.65 to 2.01 RL meters in Mukhalispur. Cuano is on the rise. The Gurra river is flowing at 70.100 just 0.4 rl meters below the danger mark of 70.50 RL meters in Pindra.

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