MMS Protest And Blackmail Know About Chandigarh University MMS Case Update In Key Lines

Mohali MMS Case: The Chandigarh University of Mohali has been a topic of discussion since the MMS case. A girl studying here was accused of leaking a video of the girls living in the hostel taking a bath. After this allegation, there was a lot of uproar in the university and the students created a ruckus. The high voltage drama went on for two days and the students sat on dharna. When the administration assured action, the protest ended.

Now a new revelation has come to light in this matter. It has been revealed that a soldier of the Indian Army was forcing them to make obscene videos of girls living in the hostel. It has been learned in this disclosure that the accused girl made a video and sent it to the boy she knew and that boy sent it to the army jawan. After this this young man started blackmailing that more videos of girls should be sent. So let’s know what has happened in this matter so far…

Administration shaken from Punjab to Himachal Pradesh

On Sunday, news comes that students are creating ruckus in Chandigarh University. This uproar happened due to the leak of a pornographic video. A girl from Himachal Pradesh was accused. It was alleged that he made a video of the girls studying with him taking a bath in the hostel bathroom and sent it to the boys he knew. The boy to whom the video was sent is also a resident of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. After the matter came to light, the students of the university created a ruckus. After the uproar, the accused girl and the boy who knew her along with another boy are arrested from Himachal Pradesh.

video of accused student

Then the layers of this matter begin to unfold. A video of the accused girl comes out. In which the hostel warden is seen reprimanding the girl. She says that you are not ashamed of making videos of her girls. What a disgusting thing you have done, those girls have no respect. Why did you make this video? At whose behest did you do it? So in response the girl says there is a boy, on this the warden asks who is that boy, where is he… so in response the girl says that of Shimla. Then the warden asks where are you from… then the girl says I am also from Shimla.

Rumors of girl’s suicide

Apart from this, another news comes that some girl students tried to commit suicide after MMS leaked but Chandigarh University and police denied this. The university said that no girl has made such an attempt nor has any girl student been admitted to the hospital.

University and police claim

On this matter, Chandigarh University said that the rumor of shooting objectionable videos of girl students is absolutely baseless and false. No video of any student has been found, which is objectionable. Only one video has been found which is of that student herself. She has shared this video with her boyfriend. The Mohali police also made the same claim as the university made. SSP Vivek Sheel Soni said that it is wrong that videos of many girls have been made. No other such video has come to the fore in our investigation. The video which has gone viral is of the accused student herself.

Full story of blackmailing the accused student

During police interrogation, it was found that the accused student, falling in love with Sunny Mehta, sent her pornographic videos to him. About which Sunny told his friend. The possibility of some more friends being involved in this was also expressed. The accused boys started blackmailing the girl student. From him, the demand for obscene videos of other girl students studying in the university was started. When the girl refused, she was threatened to make her obscene videos sent to her boyfriend viral. When the accused student was questioned, she still said that there was pressure on her. He showed the boy’s photo on WhatsApp that he was blackmailing him. However, the police is also investigating this claim of the girl.

Investigation so far, 3 arrested, one in custody

So far 3 accused have been arrested in the Chandigarh University video leak case. In which the first university is a student making a video of girl students bathing in the hostel bathroom. Second, her boyfriend Sunny Mehta is a resident of Shimla. Third, Sunny and the accused student’s friend is Rankaj Verma. The fourth accused in this case is being told as Mohit.

He came to know about the recovery of WhatsApp chat from the mobile of the accused student. Mohit is repeatedly asking the student to delete the video and photo. In this, the accused student is also saying that she was killed today, because a girl student had seen her taking a photo of a girl taking a bath. The Special Investigation Team of this case has also taken him into custody.

army man case

Now in the latest case it has been revealed that the army jawan was forcing the girls to make porn videos of the girls living in the hostel. The old friend of this girl had sent her pornographic video to this young man, threatening to leak it, the army soldier was forcing the rest of the girls to make videos. This jawan is a resident of Jammu and his name is being told as Sanjeev Kumar. Its posting is being told near Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh.

According to the police, the accused girl could not make any video of the girls of the hostel. Records of his own video have been found. Forensic Expert has told this to the police after examining the mobile phone. Police will arrest Army jawan Sanjeev Kumar and interrogate him.

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