Munger Mini Gun Factory Was Running In Rented House Weapons Recovered And One Arrested Ann

Munger: Once again the police busted the Mini Gun Factory in Munger, Bihar. Weapons were being manufactured illegally in a rented house in Sandalpur locality of Kasim Bazar police station area. On Thursday, the police acted on the basis of secret information and caught the weapon maker W Kumar Sharma red handed. SP Jagunath Reddy Jala Reddy gave this information by holding a press conference on Thursday.

SP Jagunath Reddy Jala Reddy told a press conference in his office that secret information was received that weapons were being manufactured illegally in a rented house in Sandalpur locality of Kasim Bazar police station area. On the basis of this information, Kasim Bazar SHO Mintu Kumar Singh, Police Under Inspector Mazhar Maqbul and the team of District General Information Unit went to Sandalpur locality. There was a raid in the house of Madan Yogi, from where the police arrested W Kumar Sharma, who is manufacturing illegal weapons, while making weapons red handed.

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Semi-finished weapons recovered from the spot

The SP said that two base machines, two drill machines, two semi-made pistols, five live cartridges and one semi-finished carbine were recovered by the police from the spot. Apart from this, a huge quantity of weapons including five semi-finished carbine magazines, an electric welding machine, a hammer were also recovered. The SP said that Ashwani Sharma, the father of the arrested W Sharma, has gone to jail in 2020 for the recovery of carbine weapons.

It is said that the arrested W Sharma used to play a song before making weapons so that the sound of making weapons does not reach the people living in the surrounding area. He said that the arrested W Sharma is being questioned by the police that since when he has been making weapons and selling to whom. The SP said that there is an election for the Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council and Nagar Panchayat, so the police in Munger is engaged in taking action on illegal arms manufacturing and arms smuggling by continuously visiting the district.

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