NIA Expose Terror Module In PFI Case Training Of Terrorists Name Of Karate Center Funding And Much More Ann

NIA Action Against PFI: Attacking terrorism, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) today raided the Popular Front of India (PFI) bases in several states and arrested more than 100 people. A big disclosure has been made in this case that under the guise of Karate Training Center, people were being trained to make terrorists. This action has been taken after the confession of Karate teacher Abidul Kadar arrested from Nizamabad.

You will be surprised to know that under the guise of teaching karate, these people were giving training to make terrorists. Training was being given to put to death using non-chalk, knife, iron rod and sickle. There has been a big disclosure in the PFI case registered by the NIA. Along with Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, there are 40 such locations in many other states including Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, Assam and Delhi where NIA and ED have conducted raids together.

Training center opened on the roof of the house

In this case it has been revealed that Abdul Kader had prepared a training center on the roof of his house only at the behest of PFI leaders. In this training center, 5 days of terrorist training was given in different batches. For this, PFI used to give huge amount every month to Abdul Kader. Apart from giving arms training here, youth were also brainwashed through hate speech.

Inciting training against a particular community

During interrogation, Abdul Kadar told that a particular community was targeted in the training center and youth were instigated. For this, youth of a particular religion were gathered and instigated against people of other religions. Abdul Kader also told that a huge amount in cash was collected from people from all over the country every month in the form of donation. Four other PFI leaders were arrested on the behest of Abdul Kader.

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