Shock To Suhaldev Bharatiya Samaj Party Mass Resignation Of 25 Workers And Leaders In Ballia ANN

Ballia News: Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party (SBSP)’s troubles are not taking the name of lessening. Today once again in Ballia, SubhaSP got a major setback. More than 25 office bearers and workers said goodbye to the party of Om Prakash Rajbhar. He also threatened to make water flow to the flag and banner of the SubhaSP. The workers and leaders who left the party announced their support to Mahendra Rajbhar and Dr. Baliram Rajbhar, giving their collective resignation. There was an atmosphere of hustle and bustle at PWD Guest House today.

Om Prakash Rajbhar again got a shock

SubhaSP officials and workers gathered and raised slogans of Om Prakash Rajbhar Murdabad. After mass resignation, Subhaspa leader Badalal Chauhan called Om Prakash Rajbhar an opportunistic leader. Expressing displeasure over Om Prakash Rajbhar’s remarks, he said that the party chief keeps calling someone ‘Ul Jalul’. That’s why we all decided to resign collectively. He accused Om Prakash Rajbhar of fighting Dalits and backwards.

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25 leaders and workers left the party

He said that Om Prakash Rajbhar does politics in the name of getting the share of Dalits and backwards. That is why we are resigning in support of all the office bearers and workers Mahendra Rajbhar and Dr. Balram Rajbhar. He said that we have done the work of following the thoughts of King Suheldev with our heart. Now we will not compromise on respect. Let us tell you that National Vice President Mahendra Rajbhar had resigned from the SubhaSP on Monday. After resigning, Mahendra Rajbhar took a jibe at party chief Om Prakash Rajbhar. He alleged that Om Prakash Rajbhar takes decisions arbitrarily. This year, the Uttar Pradesh assembly election was contested by the SubhaSP in alliance with the Samajwadi Party (SP). Amidst the rift, the two parties parted ways last month.

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