Sitapur Helpers Of Seed Stores Caught Taking Bribe Of 8 Thousand Demanded For Getting License Ann

Sitapur Bribery Scandal: The Yogi government may be giving strict instructions to the officials to make the state corruption free, but the war of corruption is still badly engaged in the government staff. Government officials make some kind of jugaad to take bribe. An officer posted in the Agriculture Department of Sitapur managed to take a bribe in the name of getting a license for fertilizer seeds, but he had no idea that it was probably going to be a slit in his neck. On Thursday, Dilip Singh, a senior assistant posted at the compost seed store located in Premnagar, Sitapur, was caught red handed by the Anti Corruption team taking a bribe of Rs 8,000.

This action of Anti Corruption Team was taken on the complaint of complainant Neeraj Awasthi. The complainant Neeraj Awasthi is a resident of Kannapur village in Sandana. He told that Rs 5000 was given to Dilip Singh to get the license of fertilizer seeds. After that he again demanded 8 thousand rupees, so on 17 September he complained to the anti-corruption organization Lucknow. After that this action happened. Whereas the government fee for getting a license is only Rs 2250.

Bribe demanded for getting license

Neeraj Awasthi told that he had to get a license made for Khadbeej. For which a bribe of 15 thousand rupees was demanded from him, but there was talk of 13 thousand rupees. After which the bribe-seeking officer, Dileep, took 5 thousand cash from the victim Neeraj and demanded the remaining 8 thousand rupees later. Meanwhile, the victim Neeraj informed the Lucknow Anti Corruption Team. Due to which, on September 22, when 8 thousand rupees were given to Officer Dileep, the Vigilance team caught him red-handed while taking a bribe.

Inquiry lasted for 4 hours

The Vigilance team, which arrived on Thursday, along with the complainant, reached the fertilizer seed store and caught senior assistant Dilip Singh red-handed taking bribe. The Kotwali police along with the Vigilance team had also reached the spot from where Dilip Singh was brought. Inquiry and writing continued for about 4 hours in the Kotwali regarding this. In-charge of Lucknow unit Sanjay Kumar Singh, Inspector Rakesh Singh, Nandkishore, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Chief constable Abhishek Tripathi and other officers were present in the team. Vigilance team officer Narul Uda Khan told that the accused will be presented in Lucknow PC Court on September 23.

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