Smart Cities Including Delhi Submerged In Rain Water Drainage System Municipal Corporation Lucknow Aligarh Heavy Water Logging

Heavy Water Logging: A few hours of rain has flooded many cities included in the list of smart cities including the national capital Delhi. Roads have turned into ponds, while traffic has been completely affected. This accumulated rain water has directly exposed the claims of the Municipal Corporation. Due to the chaos of the Municipal Corporation, people are facing many problems.

Many cities including Lucknow, Agra, Algir, Bhopal, Ujjain, Bengaluru, Amravati, Pune, which come under the category of Smart City, are submerged in rain water. Drains are overflowing everywhere. Waterlogging is visible from the posh areas of the cities to the low-lying areas. Water is filled on the roads from 3 to 5 feet. Somewhere people are cursing the city corporation on the situation of water logging, and somewhere the anger of the people is coming directly on the government.

Delhi’s condition

Talking about Delhi, the condition of the roads here is bad all around. The drains are in spate, water has accumulated on the roads, water has entered shops and houses. At the same time, when the question arises on the issue of water logging, the Aam Aadmi Party of Delhi and the BJP of the opposition are seen face to face. AAP blames BJP for the waterlogging situation and BJP blames Aam Aadmi Party.

In fact, the Municipal Corporation in Delhi is occupied by the BJP, while the Public Works Department (PWD) is an agency of the Delhi government. When the issue of water logging was raised and discussed in the Delhi Assembly session last month, Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said, Delhiites have to face problems due to water logging and there should be no politics on this matter. The length of two thousand kilometers of the drains of the city comes under the responsibility of the PWD department, while the remaining part is with the MCD. In the session, the MLAs alleged, the MCD has not cleaned the drains falling in its area properly, due to which the roads get flooded due to rain.

Responding to these allegations of Aam Aadmi Party, BJP said that the PWD should be told the responsibility of water logging in Delhi. He is responsible for the maintenance of all the big drains and he did not do any work regarding drainage. The situation remains the same in Delhi even today and the general public is facing problems.

The condition of the drainage system…

At the same time, talk about other cities… (smart-cities), the situation is looking bad here too. The condition of the drainage system is so bad that the road has turned into a lake. Due to lack of proper drainage system in the cities, water is visible everywhere. The residents of the city say that the municipal corporation is not paying any attention to the drainage system. If the municipal corporation does its work responsibly, then the situation may not be disturbed due to rain like this. Let us tell you, due to the accumulated rain water, there has been a situation of closure of schools in many places.

what is the reason

Actually, non-cleaning of drains is the real and main reason for water logging. Earlier cities had drains on both sides of the road for drainage. These drains were directly connected to the drains and these drains were connected to canals and canal ponds. At the same time, now the condition of the canals is that either it has been encroached or they have been filled with garbage, due to which rain water is accumulating on the roads. At the same time, not making any proper arrangement for drainage of local bodies can be considered a big negligence.

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