America Serious On Warning Of Nuclear Attack By Russian President Vladimir Putin Latest Update Of Russia

Russia Vladimir Putin News: The situation in Russia is continuously deteriorating. The atmosphere of fear is increasing among the people here. Putin’s announcement on the one hand and now America’s taking it seriously on the other. In fact, Russia says that it will integrate the four regions of Ukraine into its own country. Even if there is no cost to be paid for it. On the other hand, the US has said that it takes Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons seriously.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had also given a stern warning to Western countries, especially America, regarding the nuclear attack. He had said that the atomic warning is not a drama. It should not be taken lightly. Along with this, he had also announced to deploy 3,00,000 reserve soldiers in the country.

Putin’s announcement raised people’s fear

At the same time, he has also said that he will merge four regions of Ukraine with Russia, which include Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya. However, after all these announcements, there is an atmosphere of fear not only in Ukraine and America but also in Russia itself. People have taken to the streets to protest. Even people are ready to leave the country and run away.

Voices of protest against Putin raised

This protest taking place on the streets of Russia is against Putin. Now the people of Russia are in no mood to tolerate the destruction caused by this war. This is the reason why the voices of protest against Putin are rising in the country. Ever since Putin talked about the use of nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war, there has been a stir in the whole of Russia. There has been an increase in flights going out of Russia from the capital Moscow and St. Petersburg.

America is serious about Putin’s threat

A top White House official has also said that the US stands ready to defend Ukraine’s territories and takes Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons seriously. It is clear that Putin has decided that he will include the four regions of Ukraine in Russia at any cost. Whatever America and Western countries do, and this war can turn into a nuclear war.

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