American Airlines Passenger Comes From Behind And Punches Flight Attendant Video Goes Viral

Passenger Punches Flight Attendant: During an argument on an American Airlines flight, a man came and punched the flight attendant from behind. The incident happened on Wednesday on American Airlines Flight 377. A traveler made a video of it. The video of the incident made from a mobile phone is going viral on social media.

According to the Washington Post, the man was going to Los Angeles, America on an American Airlines flight. He had boarded the flight from Los Cabos, Mexico. The accused was arrested for punching the flight attendant. It is being told that the airline company has banned the accused for flying for life. The plane landed at Los Angeles airport at 3.30 pm local time. After this the FBI officers took the accused.

What’s in the video?

In the 33-second video, a man wearing an orange shirt with flowers gets into an argument with a flight attendant. As the flight attendant turns back, the man comes from behind, punches the flight attendant hard on the head and walks back. Seeing this the other passengers traveling in the flight are stunned and ‘Oh my God’ comes out of their mouth. In the video, someone is heard saying, ‘What are you doing?’ After this an air hostess comes to rescue the flight attendant.

Who are the accused?

The New York Times has given information about the passenger quoting an affidavit filed by the FBI. According to the report, the US Justice Department said in a statement that the attacker has been identified as 33-year-old Alexander Tung Koo Lee, a resident of California. If convicted, the accused can be sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. According to the report, the incident happened 20 minutes after the plane took off from Los Cabos.

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