Chhattisgarh Forest Elephant Killed A Woman In Field In Surguja Ann

Surguja Elephant: In Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh), the violence of elephants is not stopping in different areas of Surguja district. elephant Houses are being demolished every day. In this sequence, on Friday, an elephant crushed and killed a woman in village Bhakura under Ambikapur forest range. The woman Guddi Paikra was guarding the crop in the field. Meanwhile, the elephant crushed him. At the same time, the crops of farmers are being trampled and ruined. since last 5 days Surajpur (Surajpur) A group of 11 elephants, who came from Prem Nagar area of ​​​​the district, have camped in the Udaipur forest range of Surguja.

Apart from this, three elephants have come from Jashpur district in Batauli forest range, which are continuously damaging the crops. This has increased the concern of the farmers. The forest department is keeping a watch on the elephants, but is proving unsuccessful in keeping them away from the village. In fact, the northern region of Chhattisgarh has been suffering from the bite of elephants for a long time. These days the terror of elephants has increased in Jashpur, Surajpur, Koriya, Balrampur and Surguja districts of the division. Elephants are breaking houses by entering the settlements adjacent to the forest. Apart from this, crops are being damaged in huge quantities. After assessing the damage caused by the elephants, compensation is being given by preparing the case, but the efforts to drive the elephants away are proving unsuccessful.

11 elephants broke the house

Due to the sudden influx of elephants in the Ambikapur forest range, there is an atmosphere of panic among the people of the rural area. The forest staff is trying to drive the elephants away. 11 elephants broke into the house of a villager in Udaipur forest range of Surguja. Along with this, some paddy and maize crops of farmers have been damaged in Mudapara. Forest staff is continuously doing the work of rescuing people and taking them to safe places. By forming a team led by DFO Pankaj Kamal, SDO Bijendra Singh, Ranger Sapna Mukherjee and a team of forest guards are monitoring the elephants by doing duty in different shifts. Munadi is being made in village-village. Crop damage is being reviewed. Villagers are being advised to stay away from elephants through Gajraj vehicle.

Udaipur-Kedma road is closed

According to the information received from the Forest Department, about 50 people of Mudapara of Udaipur area were rescued and kept at night in a safe pucca house. More than a dozen forest department employees and Hathi Mitra Dal people are engaged in the care of the villagers and the elephants. The elephant group is still camping in room number 2043. In the area’s village Sukhari Bhandar, Bichhal Valley, Mudapara, the elephant group keeps roaming. As a precaution, the Udaipur to Kedma road is closed from time to time by the forest staff.

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