Congress Priyanka Gandhi Slams BJP Government For Indian Rupees Slides At Recod Low Below 81 Against Dollar

Priyanka Gandhi Attacks On BJP Government: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Friday targeted the BJP government at the Center over the continuing fall in the Indian rupee against the dollar. Priyanka Gandhi attacked the central government and said that why is the Prime Minister, who has linked the depreciation of the rupee to the country’s credit and the policies of the government till 2014, silent about the record fall in the rupee today? Raising questions on the policies of the government, he said that today one dollar has reached equal to Rs 81. He asked that this record fall in rupee is the result of which corrupt policies of the BJP government?

The depreciation of the Indian rupee against the dollar continues. For the first time in history, the price of one dollar reached more than Rs 81, with a sharp drop in its price on Friday. After the fall of the Indian rupee to the lowest level ever, the opposition Congress has got an opportunity to attack the central government. Along with Priyanka Gandhi, her party Congress also attacked the BJP over this fall in the Indian rupee against the dollar. On behalf of the Congress, it was written on Twitter from the official Twitter handle of the party, how does the weakening of the rupee affect your pocket? A weakening rupee means an increase in the cost of imports. For example, if any goods come from abroad for 1 dollar, then in September 2021 we had to pay 73 rupees. At the same time, now 81 rupees will have to be paid for the same item, 8 rupees more.

crude oil will be expensive

Expressing concern over the depreciating rupee, the Congress said that when any goods come to the country at a price of Rs 8 more than abroad, people will also get it at a higher price. Giving the example of crude oil, the Congress said that as India imports 80 percent of crude oil, now it will come to India at an expensive price. If oil becomes expensive, inflation will increase, because the cost of freight will increase. Because of this things will be expensive.

people will have to pay a higher price

The Congress said about the problems arising from the fall in the value of the rupee, that when inflation rises, the RBI will increase the interest rate to control it. In such a situation, the EMI of the loan will increase and people will have to pay more amount. Studying abroad, traveling, living and eating will all be expensive. That is, the weakening of the rupee is a sign of weakness of you and the country.

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