Driving License Will Be Revoked If Caught Violating Bus Lane Rule In Delhi Thrice

Traffic rules are being made stricter for drivers in Delhi. If you are found violating the guidelines of bus lane more than three times in Delhi, then your driving license can be canceled. Transport department officials According to this, to get the driving license reinstated, you will have to do a one-month refresher course.

Delhi Transport Department launched campaign

The Delhi Transport Department had launched a special ‘Bus Lane Discipline’ campaign in April this year to improve road discipline, lane driving and decongest the roads. Under this, it was decided that all types of heavy vehicles, including buses, would run on the left-most side of the road. Those violating these rules will be fined a challan of five thousand rupees. This rule was to be applicable to vehicles like cars, autorickshaws and bikes for driving or parking on the bus lane.

To get this rule strictly enforced, the Transport Department had appointed the DTO (Headquarters) as the Licensing Authority. He had the right to cancel or reinstate his driving license for three consecutive violations of bus lane rules under section 19 of 1988. In this, there was a provision for a one-month refresher course for the driver to get his driving license reinstated if he is found violating these rules for three consecutive times. The Transport Department has told the designated officer that the suspension of driving license will not allow it to be reinstated until the accused driver undergoes a refreshment course at the DTC’s training school in Nand Nagri.

how many people were fined

According to the newspaper ‘Indian Express’, between April and May this year, the Transport Department had deducted 44 thousand 594 heavy vehicles for violating the rules of bus lanes. Of these, 1591 were made by bus drivers for violating the rules of taking challans. At the same time, 43 thousand three challans were made to the private vehicle owners for parking in the bus lane. Whereas 526 vehicles were lifted with the help of crane for parking in the wrong place.

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