Firozabad The Family Accused Of Missing The Child After Operation In This Hospital ANN

Firozabad News: There has been a serious allegation against the 100 bedded Mahila Shishu Chikitsalaya of Government Medical College in Firozabad. The family has said that the child has disappeared after delivery. Nazim, a resident of Kashmere Gate, had admitted his wife Asmita to the Government 100 Saiya Mahila Shishu Chikitsalaya on 22 September for delivery. On delivery today at 12:00, the doctors told that the woman has given birth to a baby girl. On listening to the doctor, the ground slipped under the feet of the family members. The family was sure that Asmita has two children in her stomach. He cited private ultrasound reports.

After the delivery, the relatives accused the hospital

Husband Nazim says that the wife’s report on Aastha ultrasound was done twice. Both the reports revealed that the woman had twins in her stomach. According to the family, the girl’s hand is also broken. The woman’s Jethani Marjina told that the brother-in-law’s wife has been brought for delivery. Two children were telling in the report on getting ultrasound done in private. When the delivery took place in the morning, it was being told that there were 2 children. Now it is being said that a baby girl has been born. Jethani accused of missing a child.

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Two children were visible in the private ultrasound report

Prerna and Dr Divya, HOD of 100 Shayya Hospital, say that after the delivery of the woman, the family members and accompanying hope were shown that the baby was born. But his family members are claiming two children. He admitted that there are two children in the private ultrasound report but only one child has been delivered in the hospital. According to the lady doctor Dr Divya, after showing a child, the family members were also signed on the paper. HOD doctor Prerna Jain said that the woman was admitted at night. It was written in the ultrasound that the woman has two children in her stomach. But only one child was born from the operation and the family members were also shown.

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