In Delhi Two Women Saves Each Other Husband Life After Given There Own Kidney

Delhi Kidney Incident: The heart-warming news came out from Delhi, the capital of India. Where two men were battling serious illness. Both of those people were troubled by kidney disease. He needed a new kidney to save his life. Then he got a new life not with his loved ones but with the help of others. Actually, both the patients were given kidneys of each other’s wives.

what is the whole matter

The hospital said that one male member each from the two families was suffering from serious kidney disease. Apart from kidney transplant, he had no other option for treatment. Doctors told that, due to different blood group of the wives of both the patients, they were not able to give kidneys to their respective husbands.

During treatment in the hospital, when both the women came to know that their blood group is not matching with their husbands, but they can give kidneys to each other’s husbands. After getting this information from the doctors, both the women decided to donate kidneys to each other’s husbands so that the lives of both the men could be saved.

Which hospital is the matter,

This case is of Akash Healthcare Super Specialty Hospital located in Dwarka, South-West Delhi. Where both men underwent surgery. Vikram Kalra, Under Director and Senior Doctor, Department of Kidney Diseases said that both the patients were on dialysis for the last two years. He told that both the patients were advised kidney transplant.

Kalra said, “We have taken care of the health of both the patients and the kidney donors. After that, government-approved papers related to swapping kidneys for kidney transplant were given to both. With the consent and approval of both the parties, we did this transplant.” Both the surgery was done at the same time.

How long did the transplant take,

Dr Vikas Agarwal, director and head of the hospital’s urology, uropsychology and kidney transplant departments, said, “The whole process took about seven hours. The surgery for both the kidney donor women required additional human resources and infrastructure.” He said, “But everything went well and the kidney donor and the receiver were fine during the surgery. He was also discharged from the hospital in good condition.

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