Navratri 2022 Without Aadhar Card No Entry In Garba Pandal Strict Rules Made In Ujjain Ann

Mp Navratri News: This time during Navratri festival, entry will not be allowed in Garba pandals without Aadhar card. It is being said that this type of rule is being followed for many reasons. In the religious city of Ujjain, the preparation of Garba Mandals is at its peak these days. This time special rules are being made by Garba Mandals.

Rules made due to criminal incidents

After the Corona period, there is a possibility of huge crowd in Garba pandals. Due to this, it is being said that different rules should be followed by different Garba Mandals. The Rhythm Cultural Garba Mandal, which has been running continuously for the last 25 years in the Dussehra Maidan area of ​​Ujjain, made a rule not to enter the pandal without Aadhar card. Kapil Yarde, convener of Cultural Garba Mandal, told that many times suspicious people also enter Garba pandals without Aadhar card. There is also a possibility of theft and other criminal incidents happening during this period. Due to this, a strict rule was made this time. Aadhar card will be checked while giving entry to Garba pandal. Only after this permission will be given in the pandal.

Garba happens at more than 100 places in Ujjain

Along with Shiva, Shakti is also worshiped with great pomp in Ujjain, the city of Lord Mahakal. Garba takes place at more than 80 places in the city. Talking about the district, Mata is worshiped at more than 150 places. It also includes rural areas. Similarly, if we talk about Ujjain division, then according to government records, Garba is organized at about 500 places.

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