Next Chief Minister Of Rajasthan Suspense Between Sachin Pilot And Cp Joshi

Next CM Of Rajasthan: As the speculations about the resignation of Rajasthan Chief Minister (Rajasthan CM) Ashok Gehlot seem to be increasing, as much as the rumors about the next Chief Minister of the state are also increasing. Earlier, only the name of former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot was on the tongue of the people, but now the name of the current Speaker of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly CP Joshi has also started appearing. There is news in the political circles that Gehlot himself has recommended his name.

Actually, CM Gehlot has made it clear that he is going to contest for the post of president. According to him, Rahul Gandhi has decided that he will not be in the race for the post of President, so now Gehlot will file his nomination and will present a claim for the post of President. With this, now the suspense has increased in Rajasthan also regarding the new Chief Minister.

Sachin Pilot vs CP Joshi

Till now the picture of the next CM of Rajasthan was clearly visible. All eyes were only on Sachin Pilot. Now the suspense has increased here more than before. Because, Gehlot has forwarded the name of CP Joshi for this. This also makes it clear that he does not want to see Pilot become the chief minister.

However, many Congress leaders are openly supporting Pilot. Pro-Pilot MLAs Vedprakash Solanki and Indraj Gurjar are openly supporting him to make him the CM. Now the thing to be seen will be that after all, who will get a chance to lead the state?

Is Gehlot sidelining the pilot?

After Gehlot’s meeting with Sonia Gandhi, there were reports that he has forwarded the name of CP Joshi. In such a situation, it is believed that he wants to stop Pilot from becoming the Chief Minister by sideline. However, a member of the Congress Working Committee said that the Gandhi family is in favor of making Pilot the CM.

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