Rajasthan News Landslide On Kedarnath Road 120 Passengers Of Udaipur Stranded In Hotel For 36 Hours Ann

Udaipur News: A batch of 120 passengers from Udaipur, on their journey to Kedarnath Dham, is stuck near a hotel for the last 36 hours. Due to lack of ration in the hotel, there is no food and no drinking water. In fact, while going from Gangotri to Kedarnath, the mountain filled up and fell on the road. When the traffic stopped, all the passengers got stuck in the middle. There are 120 passengers in this batch of Udaipur who are going through troubles.

includes women and children
Shankarlal Chechani of Udaipur, who was involved in the batch, released a video saying that on Thursday, this group was going from Gangotri to Kedarnath, at four in the evening, in the middle of the way, the hills in the Gangnani area fell on the road. This obstructed the road. Passengers panicked due to heavy rain and suddenly getting stuck between the mountains. 120 passengers include 60 men, 50 women and 10 children.

Passengers are not even getting food in nearby hotels, as the ration supply reaching the hotels has also come to a standstill due to road blockade. After the debris fell, long queues of vehicles formed on the road. Those going from Gangotri to Kedarnath got stuck on one side and those going from Kedarnath to Gangotri got stuck on the other side. In such a situation, even after removing the debris that fell on the road, it may take 12 hours for the traffic to start due to the jam.

‘Even the helipad will not be able to reach’
He further told that he has to go to Kedarnath by helicopter at 12 noon on Friday. The Phata helipad is at a great distance from the site of the landslide. Even if the road is opened on Friday, then time will not be able to reach there. In this case the ticket can also get cancelled. He also told that there is no ration in the hotels outside which they have stayed. Hotel operators are arranging only those who have booked first. There is a demand from the administration that some solution should be found soon.

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