Rajasthan News Woman Created A Ruckus At Indira Rasoi In Kota Ann

Kota News: Indira Rasoi was not even operated properly that there is a ruckus here. The ruckus was not over eating food or about bad food. The woman who was making a ruckus came here with some people and started throwing stones, kept abusing. No one could understand the matter, there was a crowd of people, when the woman threw stones at the operator, when the matter understood that this whole matter is happening regarding the operation of Indra Kitchen.

The woman claimed that the operation of Indira Rasoi is in her name. He also threw stones at the people currently running the kitchen and abused them fiercely. The incident happened on Thursday afternoon. Indira Rasoi was launched 4 days back near JK Lone Hospital. But a dispute started regarding the rights of two women on this.

Locks installed in four days
After the uproar, Indira Rasoi was locked from Thursday afternoon itself. The whole controversy is about the operation of Indira Rasoi. Sandhya Chopra, who is currently running the kitchen, told that the contract for operating this kitchen is in the name of her firm and only after the contract was out, she started work here. On Thursday afternoon, a woman named Indra came with the people and started a ruckus.

Describing herself as a Congress worker, she said that she has the responsibility of running this Indira Rasoi and she will not allow anyone else to run Indira Rasoi. But we have this contract, so how will we let anyone come? People were not allowed to eat there. When Sandhya’s son started making the video, stones were thrown at his son. Tried to attack with a shovel. At the same time, she kept threatening to call anyone, but here she would not let anyone else run the kitchen. According to Sandhya Chopra, she is working here only after the government order.

case will be investigated
The corporation commissioner has called the contract firm on Friday to talk in this regard, they will be informed about the whole matter. Naresh Rathore, in-charge of Indira Rasoi, told that the kitchen has been started for the hospital’s attendants and needy people. If there is a ruckus about something, a thorough investigation will be done and Indira Rasoi will be operated from Friday on regular basis. After the uproar on both sides, the operation of the kitchen is currently closed.

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