RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat Talk With Muslim Intellectuals Discussed On Muslim Population

Muslim Intellectuals On Mohan Bhagwat: Various speculations are being made after the meeting of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat with Muslim intellectuals. In this meeting, a delegation of five-member Muslim intellectuals held talks with Mohan Bhagwat on many important issues related to the Muslim community in the country.

Regarding this entire meeting, former Chief Election Commissioner SY Qureshi said that the main agenda of his meeting with Bhagwat was related to the feeling of insecurity among the Muslims of the country. He said that our entire meeting was around this topic. SY Qureshi and Najeeb Jung answered many questions in an interview to The Wire regarding the meeting of Muslim intellectuals with the Sangh chief.

Meeting regarding the deteriorating situation in the country

Former Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Najeeb Jung (Former LG Delhi Najeeb Jung), one of the five Muslim intellectuals with Mohan Bhagwat, said in an interview to ‘Wire’ that he had met Mohan Bhagwat in 2019 before Kovid. During that time he met with a very open mind. He had said that he would meet her again soon. Unfortunately, this meeting could not take place due to Corona. Then after that this year after the statement of Nupur Sharma, the way the atmosphere of the country was created and after that the incident in Karnataka, we decided to meet him.

Concern expressed over treatment of Indian Muslims

Former Chief Election Commissioner SY Qureshi, who attended this meeting, said that expressing concern over the way Muslims of the country are being treated, we raised many issues in front of them. He listened to us very seriously. Actually, the main objective of our discussion was the feeling of insecurity among Indian Muslims due to many incidents that happened in the country. Qureshi said that we have expressed our concern on this in front of Mohan Bhagwat and told that Indian Muslims are not being treated in the way that every citizen of the country should be treated.

Sangh chief agreed to be called Indian Muslim

Responding to Mohan Bhagwat’s statement in which he claimed all citizens to be Hindus, Najeeb Jung said that according to him people of all religions are included in this. Mohan Bhagwat gave us the example of Vedic religion and told that all people are included in it.

Bhagwat said that Indian Muslims can call themselves by any name, but all people are equal citizens of India. However, we objected to him being called a Hindu Indian. On this Mohan Bhagwat said that you can call yourself as Indian Muslim.

Fear of growing Muslim population

SY Qureshi, during his meeting with the Sangh chief, objected to his statement in which he had given a statement regarding the increasing population of Muslims. Qureshi said that while giving Bhagwat a book written by him on the Muslim population as a gift, he said that you must read it. He said that it is true that the Muslim community has the highest birth rate, but it does not mean that Muslims will soon overtake the Hindu population. A propaganda is being run against us regarding the Muslim population, which is absolutely wrong.

Sangh chief raised the issue of cow

Najeeb Jung said that not only did we raise issues related to Muslims in front of him, but Mohan Bhagwat also put his point in front of us. He told that Bhagwat raised the issue of cow in front of him. He said that you people kill the cow, whereas the cow is worshiped in the Hindu community. Najeeb Jung said that he did not directly but demanded the Muslims to stop cow slaughter and eating beef. Jung said that no Muslim should have any objection in this and 90 percent of Muslims would agree to this.

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