24th September History Know What Happened On This Day Worldwide.

24th September Historical Day: India has made a lot of progress in space research. Many successful missions of India have wowed the whole world. Although all India’s efforts to reach the southern end of the Moon in September last year proved unsuccessful, but this failure does not end India’s story. The month of September is recorded in the pages of history with an important achievement of India in the field of space.

India had accomplished a major task by successfully placing its spacecraft in the orbit of Mars in its very first attempt on 24 September 2014. India became the first country in the world to achieve this feat in its maiden attempt when it reached Mars on 24 September 2014. India left behind two of Asia’s giants China and Japan because both these countries could not succeed in their first Mars mission.

Some more historical events related to 24 September

However, there is a lot beyond space which has been recorded in the pages of history on this day. Let’s know today’s history.

  • 1726: On this day the East India Company was given the right to establish municipal corporations and mayor’s courts in Bombay, Calcutta and Madras.
  • 1859: Dhundu Pant alias Nana Saheb died on 24 September. His name is recorded in history as a hero who played a leading role in the Sepoy Mutiny.
  • 1861: Madam Bhikhaji Rustom Cama, who played an important role in India’s freedom struggle, was born.
  • 1971: 90 Russian diplomats were expelled from Britain on charges of espionage.
  • 1983: Shoaib Mohammad, son of Pakistan’s famous cricketer Hafiz Mohammad, made his Test debut against India.
  • 1990: On this day East Germany withdrew from the Warsaw Pact.
  • 2004: At least 1,070 people are killed in Haiti floods after hurricanes.
  • 2006: Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf invited Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh for talks.
  • 2009: The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) placed seven satellites in orbit, including the Indian satellite Ocean Sat-2.
  • 2014: India sent its spacecraft to Mars, achieving success in its first attempt.

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