Delhi NCR Weather Updates IMD Issued Yellow Alert For Heavy Rain In Delhi Noida Gurugram

Delhi-NCR Weather Updates 24 September 2022: Delhi-NCR (Delhi-NCR) The period of rain will continue on Saturday as well. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted heavy rain in different parts of Delhi on Saturday. Also a yellow alert has been issued. According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of light rain or drizzle in Delhi on Sunday, while on Monday. After this there is less chance of rain, but the sky will be partly cloudy. The weather in Noida and Gurugram will be more or less similar to Delhi.

Earlier on Friday also, it rained intermittently in Delhi-NCR. Due to this, life was disturbed. At the same time, due to water logging in many areas, the condition of the people was miserable and they had to face a lot of problems. Rainfall can be gauged from the fact that in the first three weeks of the month of September in Delhi-NCR, there was a deficit of 49 percent in the monsoon rains, but only the rain on Thursday and Friday made up the deficit for the entire month. has occurred. In the last few hours, 63 percent of the monthly average of Delhi has been recorded. At the same time, from Thursday morning to Friday evening, Delhi has received 80 mm of rain.

Delhi received 72 mm of rain between Thursday and Friday

From 8:30 am on Thursday to 8:30 am on Friday, Delhi received 72 mm of rain. After this, the figure of 8 mm has been recorded till 5:30 pm on Friday. Delhi’s official weather station Safdarjung Observatory received 14.9 mm of rain from 8.30 am to 11.30 pm on Friday. On the other hand, Gurugram has received an average of 95.5 mm of rain within two days. In the chart below, see how much rain fell in Delhi from Thursday morning to Saturday morning.

How will the weather be in Delhi, Noida and Gurugram on Saturday?

  • On Friday, the minimum temperature in Delhi was recorded at 22.4 degrees Celsius, one below normal and the maximum temperature was recorded 7 degrees below normal at 27.6 degrees Celsius.
  • The humidity level in the air was 100 percent.
  • The maximum temperature in Delhi is expected to be 27 and the minimum temperature is 22 degree Celsius on Saturday. The sky will be cloudy. There is a possibility of heavy rain.
  • The maximum temperature in Noida is expected to be 30.1 and the minimum temperature is 26.8 degree Celsius. It will be cloudy and there is a possibility of moderate rain or thundershowers.
  • In Gurugram, the maximum temperature is likely to be 27 and the minimum temperature is 24 degree Celsius. It will be cloudy and there may be rain or thundershowers once or twice.

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Relief from air pollution continues in Delhi-NCR

Due to rain in Delhi-NCR, the reduction in air pollution continues and is being recorded in the satisfactory category. According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the air quality index (AQI) in Delhi was recorded at 70 in the ‘satisfactory’ category on Saturday morning. At the same time, 79 in the ‘satisfactory’ category in Noida and 98 in the ‘satisfactory’ category in Gurugram. The AQI is defined as ‘good’ between zero and 50, ‘satisfactory’ between 51 and 100, ‘moderate’ between 101 and 200, ‘poor’ between 201 and 300, ‘very poor’ between 301 and 400. ‘ and between 401 and 500 are considered in the ‘severe’ range.

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