India China Conflict Anti China Tone Has Increased In India Know What Was Said About The Country In Global Times Ann

India-China Conflict: China’s official newspaper Global Times (Global Times) has published an editorial saying that now that there has been some improvement in India-China relations, anti-China voices have increased within India. The Government of India should show firm faith and not get distracted by such voices.

According to the editorial, an attempt is being made to show that “India has suffered” on the border issue with China. 1000 sq km of land to China on Modi government1000 sq km of land) are being accused of giving. Efforts are being made to exaggerate the threat of China. It needs to be understood that India-China relations have been fraught with complex challenges that cannot be ignored. In such a situation, whenever there is any tension in the relationship between the two countries, the extremist forces become active.

Some forces do not want to see India and China close

At the same time, such forces also become active which do not want to see India and China coming closer. China’s position is clear and stable, but India has to understand that in the past also it has paid a heavy price due to nationalist sentiments on the domestic front. In such a situation, India can move forward only by shaking off their pressure.

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