Instagram Tool Will Prevent Nude Photos In Message Box

Instagram News: Instagram is working on a new feature to protect its users from receiving objectionable photos and pornographic content from unknown people in their chats. App developer Alessandro Paluzzi has shared screenshots of this feature. Paluzzi wrote in a tweet that, he is working on nudity protection for Instagram chat. The device’s technology covers photos that may contain nudity in a chat.

Meta confirmed to The Verge that such a feature is being developed to protect the privacy of Instagram users. A company spokesperson said that, we are working closely with experts to ensure that these new features protect people’s privacy, as well as give them control over the messages they receive.

Meta said that this technology will not allow it to see real messages or share them with third parties. The move comes at a time when the Center for Countering Digital Hate, a non-profit based in the UK, found that Instagram’s features have failed to stop objectionable photo-based messages sent to high-profile women.

Instagram’s Parental Controls Feature

Instagram recently launched its Parental Controls feature in India to help parents understand their young children’s experiences on Instagram. META is working with India’s experts, parents, guardians and youth to understand the needs of parents and youth. Meta launched Parental Control and a Family Center in the US in March this year and is now offering it in India.

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