MP Crime Ruckus After Man Killed 7 Year Old Girl In Indore Ann

Indore Crime News: After the murder of a 7-year-old innocent girl in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, people have created a ruckus. During this, the angry mob pelted stones on the vehicle of the Municipal Corporation. Apart from this, stones were also thrown at the police. After this, the police had to resort to mild lathi charge to control the situation. At the same time, the accused of murder has been arrested by the police. In fact, in Azad Nagar area (Azad Nagar0) of Indore, a situation of uproar arose when a miscreant named Saddam killed the innocent.

According to information received from Azad Nagar police, the innocent girl had come to her maternal grandmother’s place to celebrate her brother’s birthday. While she was playing outside the house, Saddam came and picked up the innocent and took him inside his house. During this, when the girl protested and raised a noise, some people came forward to save her. However, the accused Saddam locked the door of his house and then killed the girl. After half an hour, he came out with his clothes drenched in blood and started challenging the people of the locality. After this, the angry mob caught the accused Saddam and handed him over to the police.

hammer on the house of the accused

After this, an uproar-like situation arose in the area. A crowd of people pelted stones at the police. Apart from this, the vehicles of the Municipal Corporation were also destroyed. The police dispersed the people by resorting to mild lathi charge. A case of murder has been registered against the accused Saddam. Meanwhile, after killing the accused Saddam’s 600 square feet house in Azad Nagar, the municipal corporation used hammers. Municipal officials said that the house of the accused was in narrow streets, where it was not possible for the bulldozers to reach, so a team of 60 employees and officials of the municipal corporation reached the spot and demolished the house of the accused with a hammer.

People were upset by Saddam’s eccentric actions

There was a lot of resentment among the people of the area towards the accused Saddam. Due to this, his illegal house has been demolished. People said that due to the actions of accused Saddam, the people of the area were upset for a long time. He especially harassed the women of the locality. The accused imprisoned a 7-year-old innocent in his house with bad intentions, when people saw his actions, he killed the girl.

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