Rajasthan Congress Politics Rahul Gandhi Fulfill Promise Made To Sachin Pilot After Ashok Gehlot President

Rajasthan Congress Politics: While there is a lot of agitation regarding the election of Congress President, at the same time, politics is also hot in Rajasthan regarding the CM’s chair. After the decision to contest the election of the President of Ashok Gehlot, there is a lot of discussion in the political corridors about his successor in Rajasthan. The case of Sachin Pilot is like a litmus test on Gehlot becoming the chairman. There is such an opportunity for Rahul Gandhi too, from which it will be clear how firm he is of the promise. However, the pilot becoming CM is almost certain.

How is the political relationship between Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot, it is well known. There was speculation that Gehlot was not ready to give up the CM’s chair. Later, at the behest of Rahul Gandhi, he has definitely softened.

How did Gehlot become soft?

Ashok Gehlot’s stand just a few days ago was somewhat different. He did not want to be away from the power of Rajasthan. Along with becoming the president, he also wanted to remain on the CM’s chair, but as soon as Rahul Gandhi reminded him to stick to the promise made in the Udaipur Chintan Shivir of ‘one person, one post’, Gehlot’s attitude was completely Got soft. However, there is talk that he wants to make CP Joshi sit on the chair of Rajasthan. Meanwhile, there was a meeting between Pilot and CP Joshi on Friday.

Pilot did a lot of hard work in the 2018 elections!

Sachin Pilot is a young face in Congress. His aggressive style and understanding of ground issues and his ability to play the stakes set him apart from other leaders. The party performed poorly under Gehlot’s leadership in the 2013 assembly elections. In the 2018 assembly elections, Sachin Pilot worked hard for the return of the Congress and performed brilliantly. However, despite his victory in the last election, he became a victim of Gehlot’s political maneuvers and missed the seat of power on the desert soil. He had to be content with the Deputy CM.

Did Rahul-Priyanka promise the pilot?

It has been discussed in the political corridors that Rahul Gandhi has promised to make Sachin Pilot the Chief Minister. In the year 2020, Sachin Pilot had rebelled with the Congress, he had come to Haryana with his supporting MLAs. This political drama continued for several days. During this there was speculation that Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi had made him return to the party, accepting many of his conditions.

Will Rahul Gandhi fulfill the promise?

In the year 2020, just before the floor test in Rajasthan at that time, Sachin Pilot and his faction again came in favor of the Gehlot government. Since then, Pilot and his supporters are eagerly waiting to fulfill the promises of the high command. However, Sachin Pilot and CP Joshi are two such names, out of which one can get the responsibility of the chair of CM. CP Joshi is considered close to Gehlot, while Rahul and Priyanka would like Sachin Pilot to be given this responsibility, so that he can fulfill his promise.

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