Rajasthan Rainwater Entered Chipabarod Police Station In Baran ANN

Rajasthan News: The situation has worsened after waterlogging due to heavy rains in the Chhipabarod area of ​​Baran district of Rajasthan. Here in the police station premises, more than two feet of water has been filled. Because of which the policemen have to struggle to save the records. Malkhana, locker room, office ground have been flooded everywhere in the police station premises. Apart from this, the rains in other areas of the city have also put the common life in trouble.

rain water entered the police station

In Rajasthan’s Baran, the situation has deteriorated to such an extent that knee-deep water entered the Chhipabarod police station due to continuous rain for four days. The situation was that the entire police station was submerged. On one hand, while the policemen were seen struggling to save the documents of record, on the other hand some people were also seen giving duty by putting a chair in the water itself. Due to waterlogging in the same town, shopkeepers have vacated their shops. Along with this, the life of common people has also become disturbed. There is waterlogging on all the roads leading to it.

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Due to heavy rain, the river-river is in spate

Due to the rain in Baran district for the last four days, the rivers and streams are in spate. Due to this many roads have been closed. So many villages and towns have become islands. At the same time, the situation has worsened due to waterlogging in the Chhipabarod area of ​​the district. Police Officer Ravindra Singh says that the policemen are upset due to the water being filled in the Chhipabdod police station premises. Malkhana, locker room, office ground is full of water everywhere. Draining water from the police station premises and securing the records remains a challenge for the police personnel. At the same time, there is a problem in keeping the detained accused in the police stations.

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