WhatsApp And OTT Platforms Under New Telecom Bill Know All The Updates Of Telecom Bill

WhatsApp And OTT Platform: The government has decided to take a new step to crack down on the arbitrariness of social media platforms and OTT. Now soon the government is coming up with a new Telecom Draft Bill, which will give a roadmap to revive the telecom law industry and promote innovation. However, in the midst of all this, now many questions are arising in the minds of people regarding this. Because it is going to have a direct impact on mobile and internet users.

First of all, it is important for you to know why the Telecommunication Bill 2022 is being brought. What is its purpose. The biggest reason behind this is to strengthen the legal framework in the coming times. Prepare to deal with cyber security, national security and other threats. Also, the names and their definitions used in the telecom sector will be reworked according to the new telecom law.

Do you have to pay for WhatsApp calling?

After the news came out about the new telecommunication bill, the first question in people’s mind is whether users will have to pay for WhatsApp calling after this. However, you still pay for it as data cost. At present, the picture is not clear about this, but it is believed that WhatsApp or other company providing calling service will ask to take extra charge or membership for this.

Will users get more protection than before with its help?

Yes, Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has clearly said that the protection of users has been fully taken care of in the new telecom bill. With its help, cybercrime can be stopped. Most of its focus will be on the protection of the people. Even a legal framework has been prepared to prevent users from getting harassed by unwanted calls and messages.

Can the content of the OTT platform be controlled?

Yes, OTT has also been included as part of telecom service in this bill. Till now arbitrary content was being played easily on all kinds of social media apps and OTT platforms, but now the government has made full preparations to control it.

Will it also pay attention to the problems being faced by the telecom industry?

The DoT has also proposed that if a telecommunications unit holding spectrum goes bankrupt, the allotted spectrum will return to the Centre’s control. This draft bill empowers any licensee to defer, convert into equity, or relieve under exceptional circumstances, among other things, including financial stress, consumer interest and maintaining competition.

Why did the government issue the contract for the telecom bill?

With the help of the Indian Telecom Bill, 2022, the Center aims to amend existing laws governing the provision, development, expansion and operation of telecom services, telecom networks and infrastructure, besides allocation of spectrum. It is the endeavor of the government that there should be continuous improvement at the level of regulation. It also takes into account the interests of the consumers.

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